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Against The Moon AAAAA card strategy and support

against the moon aaaaa card strategy and support in linux gaming with mac and windows pc

Against The Moon AAAAA card strategy and support in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from developer Code Heretic. Due to release later this month on Steam and GOG.

CodeHeretic studio announced that on September 24th they will release the first AAAAA card strategy. According to the developer, Against The Moon combines all the most popular indie game mechanics. Also a alluring setting and an exciting story full of hidden meanings.

Of course, with such an intriguing upcoming release. The only platform missing is Linux. Here’s what Code Heretic has to say.

There will definitely not be Linux support on release. But we may add Linux support later.

So if you are look at the game. The game engine be used for development is Unity 3D. Typically these games work well with Proton. But so far that doesn’t seem to be the workaround. You can even test it yourself via the games Prologue on Steam.
That being said, it looks like a Linux port depends on the releases success. And overall demand for the game. Which certainly has my attention, since gameplay mixes strategy, RPG, roguelike and deck building.
Therefore, if you are eager to see Against The Moon get support in Linux gaming. Be sure to click your Steam name in the client, check your Store Prefences. Then make sure your Wishlist settings specify Linux only. Since Wishlisting the game will directly impact the demand for a native build.

Against the Moon Release Announcement Trailer

From the very beginning, Code Heretic are aiming to create Against The Moon to be a AAAAA project. A very cool game that will bring together literally all the most popular mechanics. As a result, this is a card strategy with elements of RPG, Roguelike and deck builders. All this is in a unique post apocalypic setting with a deep plot. That also combines multiculturalism and environmental issues. The player doesn’t control a single chosen one. But there is a whole intelligent city full of the chosen heroes in Ultori. Since in each battle, three heroes fight on three battle lines. Each with their own ultimates and combat units. Who will win? And who will be sacrificed for the survival of humanity depends? It’s all up to you, the player.

Game Features:

  • Intelligent city
    The player takes the role of the ancient intelligent city of Arx that’s opposing the Moon itself and hordes of its minions. Gather resources, place heroes and their units on the battlefield, and when the energy reaches the limit, make a decisive ultimate to scatter the hordes of monsters.
  • Three main heroes, three battle lines
    Instead of one chosen hero, the player simultaneously controls three, each with unique ultimates, combat units and story. Each battle takes place simultaneously on three lines. Defend all at once, sacrificing a character for the sake of a greater assault on the other lines or set up a tactical trap for a bloodthirsty monster — such decisions have to be made every five minutes of the game.
  • Upgrade everything
    Players like to level up characters. In Against the Moon you can upgrade both the main characters, their faithful companions and even spells. Choose from more than 100 cards, each of them can be upgraded in several opposite directions. Each player can collect a unique deck suited to their playstyle.
  • Enemies become more dangerous with every try
    With each playthrough, the player’s squad will encounter more and more bizarre and strong opponents. Some know how to teleport, others strike a sudden blow, and others take some time, but then turn into a very strong monster. The player must adapt and look for weaknesses to maintain their chances of survival.
  • Game modes
    AAAAA is impossible to achieve with only a single game mode. Code heretic prepared three modes with different trials. Fight, learn and accumulate resources in Roguelike mode. Defeat the trickiest opponents and upgrade characters in the monster hunts, and when you are ready to save humanity — go on a story adventure!

The release:

Against The Moon AAAAA card strategy is due to release on September 24th. Arriving on both Mac and Windows PC. While support in Linux gaming will likely take place, post release. The game will also be priced at $19.99 USD on Steam and GOG.

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