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Against The Moon: Moonstorm support still due

against the moon: moonstorm support in linux gaming is still due in the future with mac and windows pc

Against The Moon: Moonstorm support in Linux gaming is still due in the future with Mac and Windows PC. According to a recent email from developer Black Tower Entertainment. Since the game is available on GOG with a free update.

As of now, the free update for Against The Moon, which is Moonstorm is out on GOG. Since it focuses on a journey into the heart of Moonstorm. Players can expect new heroes and combat units. Which is also a unique story adventure, with an ever changing playing field.

Reaching out directly to Black Tower regarding full platform support, including Linux. This is that email reply.

Linux support hasn’t been implemented yet, but will probably appear in the future.

Sadly the developer does not have a specific release date. Likewise, in our original post, we also included a developer reply, which explains that the will be no Linux support on release. But at this point, I was actually hoping for more positive news with Against The Moon: Moonstorm. Especially since this is a Unity 3D game. Which is a surprise to see a native port as a “wait and see” still. While the saving grace is that the install works well via Wine. Just in case you’re curious.

Against The Moon: Moonstorm will be released

The story in the update explains a new adventure of the defenders of humanity. This time, Against The Moon: Moonstorm follows the young warrior Zoy, accompanied by the half mutated Mazoon. Both will travel into the heart of Moonstorm to gather resources. Since these are necessary for the survival of the last stronghold of humanity.

The Against The Moon player will have to solve many tactical puzzles. Then assemble a unique deck and adjust to the changing rules of battle. Opponents will be select monsters, coming with special skills.

Against The Moon: Moonstorm is a card based Roguelike game about humanity’s battle with chthonic monsters of the Moon. The main feature of the game is the huge variety of battle strategies and simultaneous control of three main characters on three separate battle lines.

The base version of the game was released in September 2020. Also receiving positive feedback from players. In October, the Halloween update added a puzzle mode to the game. Moonstorm is the second major update. It’ll expand the world and story of Against The Moon: Moonstorm. The update will be available to all owners of the game for free.

The base version of Against The Moon: Moonstorm is available on GOG for $19.99 USD. At the moment the game supports PC and Mac. While Linux gaming support is still in the wings.

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