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AI War 2 strategy gets a Paradigm Shift update

ai war 2 space strategy paradigm shift update zenith onslaught expansion release in linux gaming mac and windows pc

AI War 2 space strategy gets a Paradigm Shift update in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Arcen Games. Who are also announcing further content coming to Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Arcen Games is eager to announce the launch of a truly major update. Their space strategy cult hit AI War 2 is also getting more content. The release date for the upcoming expansion AI War 2: Zenith Onslaught is May 18th.

The most devious and famed artificial intelligence in strategy gaming continues to evolve. While offering an ever growing pantheon of allies and enemies. AI War 2 is a grand strategy RTS hybrid game. While gameplay pits you against an overwhelming, inhuman enemy that takes over the galaxy.

“The new Paradigm Shift update (v2.800) for AI War 2 reimagines players’ relationship to luck within the context of the game,” according to lead developer Chris McElligott Park. “Procedural generation is an excellent tool often misused. But we’ve always had two competing ideologies within the AI War titles. One, you’re constructing an empire of your own design. And two, you’re having to adapt to what you find. As well as be clever with tools that are not always your top favorites.”

“There has always been a push and pull between these two competing ideas. And this new Paradigm Shift, as we call it, brings them into greater balance. While also reducing the impact of luck. Then increase the number of shooting conflicts you’re likely to get into.”

AI War 2 1.0 Launch Trailer

The upcoming May 18th release of the AI War 2 Zenith Onslaught expansion is absolutely jam packed with features as well. From “small” details like powerful new elite Cruisers that you can put in a new slot in your fleets. All the way to galaxy spanning empires like the Dark Zenith and the Zenith Architrave. This expansion is full of new tools to use and new foes to untangle. Wormhole Borers let certain AIs alter the map topology. While Nomad Planets alter the map topology on their own as they roam around. The Zenith Miners hollow out entire planets, and Golem variants abound.

This expansion will also coincide with the full launch of its multiplayer mode. More details to come as we approach the release date next month.

AI War 2 is available now for $19.99 USD via Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Paradigm Shift update is also playable now. Including continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. More details about the Zenith Onslaught expansion are coming.

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