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Airship: Kingdoms Adrift lets you play Free

airship: kingdoms adrift lets you play a free game demo on linux with windows pc

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift lets you play the game Free on Linux with the Windows PC Demo and more. Thanks to the promotional expertise and creativity behind developer Revolution Industry. Available to play on Steam.

Get onboard your airship, explore the vast fantasy sky of Europa, and fight pirates. Due to building your fleet in Airship: Kingdoms Adrift. The demo is now available to play and download directly on Steam as part of Next Fest 2022. Running until October 10th, 2022. While the Demo does not include native Linux support, it does work well via Proton 7.0-4.

As for native Linux support:

For any possibility of Linux and also Mac OS build, we will have to see the demand from our players.

This is the reply from the Forum Post. And since Airship: Kingdoms Adrift game development is using Unity 3D, this is a good time to jump into gameplay. While also gaining further support for a native Linux build? I think so.

In the Free demo, players can pick their national background, and experience unique starting airships. While building and testing the functionality of airships in the “Try Loadout” mode. Due to adventure through the prologue chapter of the main Airship: Kingdoms Adrift story. Then collect Steam achievements limited for this demo. Explore the vast sky of Europa, and find the hidden easter egg to win special rewards. These are also exclusive for the Steam Next Fest occasion.

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Gameplay Teaser

The Twilight Explorer Event

The devs have added a special achievement into the Steam Demo version of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift. To unlock this achievement, you would have to go out of your way and use only the content available. Which is also in the prologue of the game. All due to find and destroy a very powerful enemy.
Players who have find and unlock the achievement will receive an alternate model for the NVR starting ship the “Twilight Mare”.

To qualify for the reward, take a screenshot of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift demo Steam Achievement page. Join the official discord channel to post and get validated by the community staff.

How to join the event and won the Twilight Mare DLC?

  1. Wishlist Airship: Kingdoms Adrift on Steam
  2. Download the demo on the Steam store page
  3. Play the demo. Hint: Go out of your way and use only the content available within the prologue to find and destroy a very powerful enemy.
  4. Join the Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Discord community
  5. Take a screenshot of the demo Steam Achievement page and post it to #screenshot channel on Discord as proof.
  6. Get the screenshot verified by the community staff.
  7. That’s it!

The deadline for screenshot submission is: Tuesday, 11th October 2022, 20:00 PM Pacific time / 10:00 AM GMT+7.

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift is a full sky faring battle and trading simulator game in the lore-rich world of Spheara. The world where war has shattered into pieces. Since then, the newfound power called ‘mana’ has engulfed the globe. While lifting the grounds hanging afloat in the sky above the deadly and dark ocean. Life in such a world is difficult and challenging but humanity and civilizations found ways to prosper. They rebuilt and thrive as the conflict in the sky still continues.

Wishlist and download the Airship: Kingdoms Adrift demo Free on Steam. Due to release in early access in November 2022. While support for Linux depends on your “demand” in the Forum Post.

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