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AK-xolotl roguelike Kickstarter is in its final hours

ak-xolotl top-down roguelike kickstarter in its final hours for linux mac windows pc

AK-xolotl top-down roguelike Kickstarter is in its final hours for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the creation of developer 2Awesome Studio. The crowdfunding campaign funding has almost come to an end.

2Awesome Studio (2AS) announces that AK-xolotl’s Kickstarter campaign has entered the final hours. Doing so after a very successful month of crowdfunding with €120,955 ($126,449) pledged (at the time of writing). While including a lot of new in-game features announced.

AK-xolotl’s top-down roguelike Kickstarter game was fully funded within the first 4 hours of the campaign. Which is over 750% of the initial goal funded and with eight (if not nine) stretch goals achieved.

The campaign has received a lot of interest from the general audience and industry people alike. Doing so with several viral social media posts and news outlet coverage.
As the AK-xolotl campaign reaches its end. This means closed beta for Kickstarter backers will begin very soon. Along with the full release of the game due in early 2023.

AK-xolotl Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Current list of new in-game features coming thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign:

  • In-game pets: small and friendly critters that follow you around. While including a lot of different designs and fully unlocked by playing. With no external transactions required.
  • Boss Rush mode: jump straight into action against waves of stronger and deadlier versions of AK-xolotl‘s bosses. A test for the bravest axolotls!
  • Daily Run: seeded runs that will reset everyday. Each run will have different conditions. While players will be able to compete in the daily leaderboard.
  • In-game hats: transform your axolotl into a true fashionista and customize it with different hats. As well as tons of options to choose from in AK-xolotl.
  • Fishing mechanic: some areas in-game will allow you to fish. While fishing, you will have a chance of getting meat, guns, and items. Plus an exclusive baby axolotl or…nothing at all!
  •  “The Menu”: a bestiary where you can learn more about your AK-xolotl prey. You will be able to see all the delicious options for your Axolotl’s meal. While also learning some very useful details about each one of them.

Don’t Stop There

  • “Second Dinner” aka New Game+: finished your run? If your axolotl (or yourself) is still hungry for more, you can go for a “Second Dinner”. Starting a new run, New Game+ style, keeping all your power-ups and upgrades. But facing deadlier and stronger enemies. You can repeat this process indefinitely. How many dinners do you think you will last?
  • Alternate Biome: a brand new biome for the Axolotl to explore. You will have the option of taking two different paths after completing the first biome. This way the variety in replayability will not only be tied to different weapons and items. But also to a change of scenery!

Aside from the already achieved AK-xolotl stretch goals. There’s two other’s that have been announced. The Alternate Bosses at €125,000 and Co-op Campaign at €150,000. The top-down roguelike will likely have reach or pass the first of these two. But you may still have time to get your pledge in for the crowdfunding campaign. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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