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Akane arcade slasher releasing this month

akane arcade slasher releasing this month on linux mac windows

Akane is an Arena Arcade slasher releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Where players have to kill enemies with only 1 hit. Therefore the objective of the game is simple, kill as many enemies as possible.

The story takes place in Mega-Tokyo, 2121. So with no escape options, Akane prepares for the inevitable confrontation with the Yakuza. Since she is certain that her fate ends here. The player will have to bring as many gangsters to hell as they can. And all of this hack and slasher goodness is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on August 31, 2018.

Here are All of the Features:

Five different types of enemies:

  • Yakuza Guy: Yakuza pawn that appears all the time.
  • Tank: This enemy is the only one who it’s not killed by one hit.
  • Shooter: A Yakuza shooter with cybernetic enhancements that never miss his target.
  • Charger: A ninja who abdicated his body to become a killing machine, his dash is deadly and his defense seems almost impenetrable.
  • Boss: Katsuro is Akane’s Nemesis which evolves according to the number of times he is killed.

Missions to unlock equipments.

Akane arcade slasher Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So clearly the whole style of gameplay has my attention. That and the art style seems similar to Party Hard 2. Mind you far more violent like Aragami with a dash like capability like Mr. Shifty.

Five kinds of equipments to gear up:

  • Different guns.
  • Katanas with unique abilities.
  • Cigarettes that change the aesthetics of Akane special abilities.
  • Gadgets that grant small improvements in combat.
  • Boots that change the dash and the way you move on the screen.

Samurai Skills:

  • Dragon Slash: dashes forward killing every enemy in her path.
  • Dragon Slayer: kills all enemies on the screen.

One single Arena:

  • Sprites with lights and shadows.
  • Pedestrians and neon advertisements to give life to the scene.

Akane will be releasing on Steam on August 31, 2018 . So this means day-one support for Linux, Mac and Windows. With price details incoming.

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