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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters by American McGee and Linux! Ouya!

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American McGee has an announcement for the Linux community.
Having spoken (emailed) with the man himself, a well-spirited and enthusiastic game developer, further support from the community is needed to bring Akaneiro: Demon Hunters to our platform.
In this recent update, SpicyHorse decided to move the Linux port into their main goals when the campaign hits the $200K goal.

Here is the official announcement from American McGee:

There’s an awesome band of merry developers here at Spicy Horse, cranking away on Akaneiro, aiming at a full launch this Friday. As you might suspect, a fair number of them are Chinese (like Joey), but there’s also a contingent of scruffy Expats from exotic places like Australia, Russia and the U.K. Two of the design/production leads on Akaneiro hail from the “City of Churches,” Adelaide, Australia.

Matt Razzano came to Spicy Horse 5+ years ago by way of an introduction from Ken Wong (our former Art Director). He left behind an exciting career in web development to build a life in China and try his hand at the game industry. Starting, as newbies often do, in QA, Matt helped make “Grimm” an awesome barrel of insane fun, before becoming QA Director on “Alice: Madness Returns.” These days Matt guides and directs design and production on Akaneiro.

Alex Egan started with Spicy just 5+ months ago, but has quickly integrated himself with the Akaneiro team. His background in statistics and programming has him right at home tuning and balancing the massive amount of game-driving data underlying all the wolf-slashing and demon-whacking. Oddly, Alex also came to Shanghai the Wong way, except this time through Ken’s sister, Emily. Nothing Wong with that.

“Ah, shut your mouth with puns and people!! Tell us about the new rewards for today!!!” You guys are no fun, but alright. Today, more Alice art! 120x limited edition prints on 80lb archival paper, being inserted into the campaign as an Add-On. Said image can be found below. These are *really* beautiful when printed. They are 16”x28” printed on a hand-pulled press. Each is an individual work of art! Get them while they last!

And lastly, but certainly not of least importance… an update about Ouya and Linux. The nice folks at Ouya sent us a development kit and we’re happy to report the hardware is similar to what we’re targeting for the Android tablet port (i.e. Nvidia Tegra chipset). That’s good – it means we can do the Ouya port with relative “ease,” but it’s still going to mean directing limited resources towards the effort. With that in mind, we’re adding the Ouya port as a stretch goal. BUT we’re putting it at the same place where the Linux port was sitting. What!? Read on…

Linux port is getting moved into the main goals, inside the 200k campaign target. We’re doing this because so many Linux people seem… unclear on the concept of, “prove your desire by helping us hit our Stretch Goal.” We’re hearing a lot of, “why should I commit if I don’t know you’re going to make it.” Fine. Help us hit 200k and we’ll give you a Linux client. Fair deal? If so, let’s see some support! Seriously, help me… help you. Come on Linux people!!!

All of this brings me to my last point (for this post)… We’ve rejiggered the Karma pay-outs at various levels so that by supporting the campaign you’re buying in-game currency (and items, pets, etc) at a discount to the final pricing in-game. F2P games sometimes suck, and I know there’s some resistance to the model out there, but our model, combined with Karma linked to support tiers = a really fair deal.

From Shanghai with an Ouya in my Pants,


akaneiro demon hunters and linux ouya

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