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#AkiRobots 2D puzzle platformer gets a release

#akirobots 2d puzzle platformer gets a release in linux gaming mac and windows pc

#AkiRobots 2D puzzle platformer gets a release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer FlatPonies. Which is also available via Steam with Positive reviews.

#AkiRobots is a colorful and wacky 2D brain teaser puzzle platformer. While the reviews on Steam are primarily from people who received the game free. They are all positive. With quite a couple paying homage to the details of the Level Editor.

While #AkiRobots will have you control multiple characters at the same time. Your goal is a quest of getting the Aki to the Socket. But doing so across a range of 100 levels. And as previously stated, players can also modify existing levels. As well as create new levels to share. Letting you import other players’ levels. Due to the level editing and sharing system.
Check out the #AkiRobots trailer below. Since this gives you a better look at the gameplay and the level editor. The game seems casual enough and to the point. While the level editor makes it easy to create new content.

#AkiRobots Launch Trailer


  • A unique simple to grasp game mechanic that anybody can understand
  • Social play that gathers players of all ages around the game
  • 100 increasing mind bending levels of #AkiRobots
  • Ability to remix existing levels or create entirely new ones via the level editor
  • Cross platform level sharing via the level code system
  • Soundtrack with retro vibes and funky beats

You will love #AkiRobots if you like simple game mechanics. Since gameplay includes a few brain teasing puzzles. Coming together in a pleasing tactile art with groovy tunes. The developer adds the ability to remix and create new levels. Likewise, the game features a unique, cross-platform sharing system. Check out the Steam page below. Discounted 30% for a few more hours. Dropping the #AkiRobots price to $5.59 USD. With support n Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

Join the Discord server and follow @PlayAkiRobots. FlatPonies hopes you enjoy the game. And also look forward to players creating awesome levels for them to beat.

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