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Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink platformer seeks demand

akita: king pig thinks pink platformer metroidvania game demand for linux mac windows pc

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink adventure platformer metroidvania game seeks demand for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. According to details from developer Karuma Games. Working to make its way onto Kickstarter soon.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink a 2D adventure platformer metroidvania with hand drawn animations. Offering up gameplay for 1 player or 2 players in cooperative mode. Developer Karuma Games are also eager and nervous to announce that on September 7th debut. Since this is when the Kickstarter campaign will go live. This is when the adventure really begins.

Of course, after receiving further details from the developers via email. It seems as though Linux and Mac will have to see upvotes for a port.

For now, at the initial Steam release, the game will be Windows-only. Mac and Linux support would be added at a later date depending on demand.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink development is using Unity 3D. So this is kind of an interesting reply. Since the developers also state they “want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the game. So we would try to release it for other operating systems.”
Still early, it seems as though we will have to upvote Linux support when the Kickstarter goes live. But the art style and the gameplay are certainly appealing. Although unstated, I sincerely hope they offer a Demo during crowdfunding.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink – Kickstarter Trailer


  • Hand-drawn animation set in a charming fantasy universe. Hand-drawn 2D animations, frame by frame, to bring your creatures, characters, and scenery to life. Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink has a visual style reminiscent of games like Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Maybe resembling Shantae and the seven sirens and cartoon series full of color and adventure.
  • For 1 player or 2 players locally. So you can enjoy the adventure on your own or with a friend.
  • Metroidvania style exploration. The Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink game map has a wide variety of areas. This lets you re-explore. Since this will offer more than 15 hours of gameplay. Well, depending on your skills as a player. And also letting you discover every nook and cranny of the map. 😉
  • A story with surprises and touches of humor. With humor in the style of Akira Toriyama. So simple and funny that it amuses young and old alike.
  • Universal language. We believe that your origin or language should not be a barrier to fun. So the dev’s created a unique universe and a complex story told completely without any text. The adventure is told through icons, vignettes, and animations. These will make the Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink completely fun to all. Regardless of your native language. Regardless, you may encounter texts during the adventure, but don’t worry about that. This is the language of Fansia! If you find some, you can try to decipher the characters and learn to use their alphabet.

In-game challenges:

  • Varied and charming enemies. You can find more than 50 different enemies throughout this exciting journey. All in different shapes, sizes and moods!
  • Challenging mechanics and new skills: The game features an ally based skill system. This will allow you to advance in the game. Giving you a chance to discover new paths and expand your experience as a player.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink adventure platformer metroidvania game will release on Kickstarter, September 7th. Hopefully, with enough demand for Linux and Mac we will ports. Aside from just the expected Windows PC debut. Sadly, there is no Steam page yet.

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