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Albion Online Cross-Platform Video Shows Real-Time Simultaneous Gameplay

Sandbox Interactive today unveiled a new video for their upcoming cross-platform Sandbox MMO, +AlbionOnline. The video shows the game being played in real-time across five different #gaming devices including iOS, #Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

The video can be seen below:

Yasmin, the Community Manager at SandboxInteractive, walks players through the way each platform plays Albion Online, beginning with tablet gaming on an iPad From there, players can see for the first time side-by-side, the game being played on an iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux device simultaneously. And Albion Online looks like it will be Free to Play game with a unique Player Driven Economy and Territory Based PvP, making a rather brilliant fully cross-platform MMO.

All platforms will have the same gaming experience, with both PVE and PVP action, which the video shows off in real-time across all five platforms to give players a deeper understanding of how the singular game experience is captured across multiple devices all at the same time!

Albion Online Cross-Platform Video Shows Real-Time Simultaneous Gameplay

Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different devices including Windows, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same world! Albion Online will go into beta in 2014 and players can get all the latest updates by following the game on Facebook and Twitter: @albiononline, or on Google+ and on YouTube

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