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Albion Online the first true cross-platform MMO, from Sandbox Games


Berlin-based Sandbox Games announced that it’s working on a medieval sandbox MMO called Albion Online — and it wants you to get to know the game a bit better. Albion Online is an isometric, stylized game that boasts a fully player-driven economy, a day/night system, PvP corpse looting, territory control, and make-your-own classes. The kicker? The studio says that this will be “the first true cross-platform” MMO of its type.


Sandbox says that all items and buildings in the game will be player-created, with even the land up for sale or rent. The team stresses that it won’t be pay-to-win nor will players be facing impossible zergs.


The game will be made available for the iPad, Android tablets, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Albion Online is currently in alpha, will begin closed beta weekends this month, and hopes to release Q3 2013, according to their FAQ.