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Albion Online the future plans announced

albion online the future plans announced linux mac windows games

After the launch of Albion Online for Linux, Mac and Windows. Hence the Berlin-based developers at Sandbox Interactive now announce further plans. For the post-launch phase of the sandbox MMORPG. So players can look forward to regular updates, new features and constant improvements. Therefore three to four comprehensive updates are part of the yearly plans.

Detailed information about the roadmap is available.

The Albion Online planned roadmap at a glance:

  • Update 1: “Joseph”

    The first major update following the official launch, “Joseph” will arrive in late September or early October. The expansion will be implementing a completely new key feature called the Arena which will allow players to test and improve their PvP skills in short, non-deadly 5vs5 matches. Their combat performance will then be on record via the rating system. The matchmaking lets players with similar combat ratings compete against each other.

    albion online joseph update linux mac windows games

    Additionally, the Arena features a completely new battle mode where players capture control points. So players who succeed in these matches will earn arena tokens which can used for trade for reward items at the arena store. These items will be vanity-type items or upgrades to existing items, so that they do not interfere with the crafting economy. In addition, new expeditions and further improvements of the user interface are on the agenda. That’s not all though – “Joseph” will include a large number of further improvements. Bug fixes and balancing optimizations.

  • Update 2: “Kay”

    “Kay”, the second comprehensive update, will have a release three months after “Joseph”. Somewhere towards the end of the year. In “Kay”, the developers focus more on a core aspect of the game: the competition of Guilds vs. Guilds. The key features of “Kay” include territory invasions and guild power rankings to elevate the competition between guilds to the next level. Guilds will receive points in a global ranking system for capturing watchtower territories. In regular intervals, this ranking will be reset though, and the watchtower territories will be invaded by NPC forces. In order to regain control, the guilds need to defeat the NPCs.

    albion online kay update linux mac windows games

    All players who participate in these battles gain access to powerful rewards and particular battle mounts with special skills. What’s also to be implemented in the “Kay” update is territory raiding which allows players to steal some of the guild’s reward points. On top of that, there is going to be a large number of additional innovations like a reworked marketplace, smarter black market drops and relic level artifacts. “Kay” will also include countless improvements, bug fixes and balancing optimizations, which are listed in detail in the blog post.

  • Beyond Joseph and Kay

    While the developers focus mainly on PvP and GvG aspects in “Joseph” and “Kay”. They will focus more on the games PvE experience afterwards. Especially on features like expedition maps and challenges. Even interactive PvE spots and blessings as well as new PvE-based character updates.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive for Linux, Mac and Windows. Currently available via the official website.
Since the games debut, the level of commitment a bit beyond my available time. While I appreciate the release and the Linux, Mac and Windows support. Getting into the games servers has been great. So if anyone plans on playing, by all means hit me up on Discord.

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