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Albion Online gets new Hellgates upgrade

albion online releases new hellgate revamp in hector update in linux gaming news

Since Sandbox Interactive having been working to developer Albion Online. We are keen to release further news, the #Hellgates, a #PvP #feature of the popular sandbox MMORPG is getting a facelift. Albion Online is a fantasy MMO with a player-driven gaming economy. Hence this allows players to define their role based on their gear. So you are what you wear. Playable across Linux, Mac and Windows PC in a cross-platform multiplayer. Having last received a Galahad update as well as Gatherer Equipment.

So brave adventurers can enter Hellgates. While taking down demonic monsters in the open world. Which spawn an unearthly portal that leads to their demonic dimension. Since the monsters inside are not to be trifled with. Yet the real danger comes from other players you encounter while gaming inside. Hence adventurers can go full ham on one another. All while progressing through the area’s many dangers to grab impressive rewards.

So here is an early video highlighting Hellgates in Albion Online:

Game Features:

  • Player-driven economy, everything is crafted and sold by players. Giving everyone a chance to affect the market.
  • Game-changing ‘classless system’ that does away with traditional roles. Instead, you are what you wear! Customize your gear to create your role, and quickly swap to other gear sets.
  • Join a Guild to improve your chances of survival! Fight rivaling Guilds for land over an ever-shifting territory map to ensure your team retains the upper hand.
  • Over 200,000 founders, even before launch!

Additions and Changes to Hellgates:

  • Mob interactions and map layout have a redesign. Giving players a better PvP experience. All without concerning themselves with wandering demons that can affect the outcome of team fights.
  • Mob placement has an improvement to prevent stagnant stand-offs. Hence leading to more skirmishes between opposing teams.
  • Dynamic spawn points will give both teams an equal chance and allow for changing gameplay.
  • Hellgates now spawn in three types; 2v2 in green zones, 5v5 in yellow zones, as well as 5v5 in red & black zones, with the risk – and reward – increasing from zone to zone.

So if you’re interested in experiencing Hellgates for yourself. Albion Online is available via a Founders Pack, which range in price and features. But each one will be available for cross-platform gameplay on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And Sandbox Interactive a constantly releasing more news and updates. So the game is well into development, all running on Unity 3D.

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