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Albion Online Hector Update now Live (Linux)

albion online releases hector update now live for linux mac windows games

Since #SandboxInteractive are releasing the last major update for Albion Online. Hence this new update is called “Hector”, now live for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s. And while “Hector” marks the start of the final push in preparation of the #games official launch. Expect to see this sandbox MMORPG fully released on July 17, 2017. Seeing “Hector” acts as the release version of Albion Online. The team of Sandbox Interactive are using the coming weeks to optimize the game. Hence fixing any remaining bugs. Which there seems to be on Linux, hence a black screen and cursor after hitting Play. Which is a first. So I have had to email Sandbox Interactive in hopes of a fix.

Black screen launch fix for Albion Online (Linux):

“Select window mode (instead of fullscreen) before starting the game with the launcher (also every time unfortunately)”

So “Hector” introduces some new features and improvements to the game. Offering players an even better gaming experience. Check out the trailer for changes:

“Hector”‘s most important changes at a glance:

The Black Market

The Black Market merchant is a new NPC in Caerleon. But he’s no ordinary NPC with unlimited demand. The number of items he’s able to buy depends directly on the number of monsters killed. All equipment bought by him is redistributed through dubious channels. So mobs and chests throughout Albion. Since all items in the game are still handcrafted by players.

New Hellgates

These zones primarily designed for PvP battles are already highly popular among players. The revised gates contain a completely new map layout, three different kinds of Hellgates as well as various improvements of the underlying game mechanics.

Improvements in the Outlands

While the games last update “Galahad” already introduced fundamental changes to the Outlands. The current update will bring even more improvements. For one, all cities and harbors will not be available in the black zones. Instead, there will be a portal in Caerleon. Hence connecting the city with the various parts of the Outlands. The distribution of resources in the Outlands will undergo changes too.

From new mounts to an updated user interface, Hector comes with a large number of changes and improvements. All details on the update can be found via the official page.

Additional information on the official launch of the game on July 17, 2017 will follow in the weeks to come. Which like the currently release is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

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