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Albion Online Lancelot Patch overview

albion online lancelot midseason patch overview for linux mac windows games

Albion Online Lancelot midseason Patch is officially available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the Berlin-based development studio Sandbox Interactive released an extensive Midseason Patch. Which is for ready and active for their Sandbox MMORPG.

Also coming just a few weeks after the release of the latest big content update, “Lancelot”. This midseason patch provides several important improvements and changes. The studio also released a new Dev Talk Video featuring Game Director Robin Henkys’. Presenting his insights due to the changes coming with the update.

The Lancelot Midseason Patch is here, with a host of new features and updates to the world of Albion:

  • Re-Spec: trade skill masteries between different skill paths to adapt your specializations
  • GvG Training Battles: take part in no-cost, no-risk practice battles with a team of your choice
  • Updated Hellgates: try out new full-loot Hellgates with updated item power caps
  • Combat and Energy Balancing: numerous changes to weapons, battle mounts, and energy costs

In the newest Albion Online Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys gives the full details of everything coming with this patch:

Albion Online | Lancelot Midseason Patch (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Overview of the most important improvements coming with the Midseason Patch:

  • GvG Balance Changes
    • The cost of buying runes, souls and relics for siphoned energy will see a significant reduction.
    • The activation times of siege camps will see synchronization twice per day. With half the camps becoming active during each period.
    • While the spawn delay of Siphoning Mages will be increased so they will spawn less frequently.
    • Siphoning Mages in place before a GvG will no longer provide a bonus during the following GvG battle.
  • Re-Spec
    • Players can now trade skill masteries (“re-specialize”) between different skill paths, allowing them to adapt their specializations as needed.
  • GvG Training Battles
    • As the first step toward a fully realized GvG training system, players can now conduct zero-cost, zero-risk GvG training battles.
      This will allow newer guilds to build team skills, and give more seasoned guilds the opportunity to test out new strategies and builds.
  • Combat Balance Changes
    • This patch will bring numerous combat balancing changes to keep combat in Albion vital and fair.

Also, further information regarding the Midseason Patch and the Dev Talk Video itself can be found here.

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