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Albion Online Lancelot releases with Fishing

albion online lancelot releases with fishing linux mac windows games

It’s here, the Lancelot update releases for Albion Online on Linux, Mac and Windows. Sandbox Interactive launched their third post-release content update for Albion Online. The expansion includes new Hellgates, optimized server performance during large-scale battles. Also a new fishing system that lets adventurers fish in the waters of Albion. And search for treasure too.

The update also provides changes regarding guilds, roaming mobs and luxury goods. As well as many additional improvements. Since it’s been a while, these new changes add a fine twist to the mix. Giving gameplay that Torchlight 2 fishing experience.

Also, all players who log into the game before March 19th, 10:00 UTC. Receive seven days of Premium status for free. Which is a solid bonus. While giving players a across the board a fair chance to improve their game.

Albion Online | Lancelot Update Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Most important features of the Lancelot update:

  • Fishing

Players can now fish in Albion’s rivers, lakes and oceans for common fish, trickier rare fish, or even sunken treasures. Different biomes and settings offer different types of fish, as do freshwater and saltwater. The fish can be ingredients for meals or sold.

  • Guild Improvements

The Lancelot expansion gives guild leaders a wide set of new tools for delegating roles to guild members, allowing them to define permissions and access items from multiple locations.

  • Server Performance Improvements

As part of this update, numerous optimizations have been in place. So that should result in significant performance improvements. Especially during large-scale battles.

  • GvG Season Improvements

The second GvG Season will see some big changes with the update which will provide new incentives for participation in GvG battles.

  • New Artifact Armors

The Lancelot update introduces Level 3 Artifact Armors, bringing combat in Albion to a whole new level.

  • Roaming Mobs

With the expansion, NPC factions now propagate further throughout the biomes: instead of only being limited to camps, they will now spawn everywhere in the world.

  • Luxury Goods

These special items are dropped by mobs and consist of antiques from Albion’s past. All categories of Luxury Goods can be found throughout the world, but each category can only be sold in a certain city. Players will have to transport many of these items across dangerous lawless territory to receive their full value.

  • New Hellgates

Lancelot brings new types of Hellgates for smaller PvP battles with red- and black-zone rules.

  • New Expeditions and more

“In the Raven’s Claws” is a new Tier 6 Group Expedition. Additionally, the expansion adds a new Siege Ballista, plus balancing changes, bug fixes and numerous additional optimizations.

Lancelot update releases:

Further information regarding the update can be found here. So you do now own a Founders pack, they are available here. Which also includes support for Linux, Mac and Windows. And since this update releases with a 7 day premium bonus, not a bad why to get into Albion Online.

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