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Albion Online latest event Rites of Spring out now

albion online latest game event rites of spring out now on linux mac windows pc

Albion Online latest game event Rites of Spring is out now on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Once again due to the efforts and festive spirit of developer Sandbox Interactive. Available free to play via both Steam or the official standalone download.

Albion Online, the fantasy sandbox MMORPG game developed by Sandbox Interactive, today launched a greatly expanded version of its annual Rites of Spring event. This brings a brand-new mount, themed treasure chests, the Eggsecutioner vanity weapon, and much more.

With decorations in the cities, treasures, and rewards springing up all over the open world. With a unique, brand-new item available via the Rites of Spring. Albion will be teeming with life for the next fortnight.

The Rites of Spring also sees Albion Online full of treasure for players to hunt down. All types of chests usually found in the open world will spawn at a greatly increased rate for the next two weeks. Alongside these, a new Spring Treasure Chest will appear. While offering the chance of containing special, themed items. To mark the occasion there is a special event trailer, which you can watch below.

Albion Online | Rites of Spring Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

On top of that, giant Colored Eggs are once again sprouting from the ground. You also break these open for Surprise Eggs and chocolate. And both the chests and, on rare occasions, the Colored Eggs may themselves contain a particularly special type of egg. That is if you get lucky enough.

Rites of Spring delivers a Rabbit, but no ordinary Rabbit. Rumors have been circulating throughout Albion Online. While a strange, never before seen entity with unique powers bounding across the lands. And after much searching, it can be confirmed that there is indeed a brand new creature out there. Hence, the Spring Cottontail.

This is a rare, speedy, Tier 8 mount with a special Hop ability. And is sure to be widely coveted within the Rites of Spring. It requires no Destiny Board unlocks to use, so all characters can find, raise, and ride one from now. And all stages of its growth are fully tradable. Meaning, they are available to buy and sell in the Marketplaces.

Main Features:

  • A brand-new mount, the speedy Spring Cottontail
    • Can be raised from special eggs found during the event
    • Available to any character, even brand new
    • Tradable on the Marketplace
  • Massively increased treasure in the open world
  • New Spring Treasure Chests
    • These drop Rites of Spring event themed loot
  • The Eggsecutioner vanity weapon is available to buy again
  • Colored Eggs dropping event-related items
  • City decorations

Albion Online Rites of Spring is out now for sandbox MMORPG game. You can play for free via Steam or the official standalone download. Along with ongoing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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