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Albion Online MMORPG releases on Steam

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The sandbox MMORPG Albion Online releases on Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. The Berlin-based development studio Sandbox Interactive is celebrating the release. Also offering discounts and a fame boost for one week. From now until May 23rd, the game and all upgrade packs are available with a 34% discount.

So this is both available on Steam and through the Albion Online store.

Additionally, all players who log in between now and May 23rd. Will automatically receive the Mists of Albion buff. Which also gives a 25% Fame boost to gathering, crafting, killing monsters. As well as all other activities. This boost will help transition new players into the game. While offering veteran players a chance to gain huge amounts of progress.

Albion Online MMORPG Join the Fight (Linux, SteamOS, Mac, Windows)

About Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive. Where gameplay is set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Whether playing a hardened fighter, a farmer, a merchant or a master craftsman.
While in the player-driven world every single weapon and every single building is the creation of the players. So thanks to a “you are what you wear” system free from typical class restrictions.

Since a skilled archer can instantly become a powerful mage. Allowing players to define their own roles within the game world. Whether PvE, PvP or guild vs guild, every action in the game has a meaning, as well as consequences. Since PvP battles in the danger zones of the game world are a “winner takes all” affair.

From basic tools and clothes to mighty armors and powerful weapons. Since nearly every item in the game is crafted by players. Both in player-constructed buildings, from resources gathered by players.

Both Steam and website releases:

Albion Online MMORPG releases now available Steam and the games official website store with a 34% discount until May 23rd.

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