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Albion Online new Invite-a-Friend Season starts

albion online new invite a friend season starts linux mac windows games 2017

The new Invite-a-Friend Season is underway this week for Albion Online. So this brings exciting new rewards: the Recruiter’s Ram, the Recruiter’s Banner and the ultimate reward: the Ghostwolf. Since the games available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Now is the time get those rewards.

How to Get the White Direwolf

Invite friends during the new referral season. Since this runs until December 14, 2017. So refer friends by giving them a Trial Key. Gifting them a Starter Pack or by sending them your referral link. Convincing them to join you on your adventures in Albion Online.

Also, Albion Online sees some performance improvements. The CTO, David Salz talks about the technical aspects and changes. And mentions another upcoming Kay update. Since the mass scale battles can create a significant lag issue. That being said, these changes have been in the works for a while. Which is a solid sign.

Albion Online | Performance Improvements Developer Talk

Sandbox Interative haved a guide with useful tips. This also explains how to get the most out of the games Invite-a-Friend system. You can find it here.

To check on your progress for this referral season, go to your referral overview.

Founder Packs Now Upgradable

It is possible to upgrade Founder Packs to higher Tier Starter Packs! The prices are the same as if you upgraded from the equivalent Starter Pack. To celebrate this, and the start of our new Invite-a-Friend season, we are offering a limited time discount for Upgrades!

Buy an Upgrade to Legendary or Epic before Monday, November 20, 2017 11:00 UTC​, and save up to 50%!

  • Get the upgrade from Veteran to Legendary for now $40 USD (instead of USD 70)
  • Or upgrade from Epic to Legendary for now $25 USD (instead of USD 50)
  • Upgrade from Veteran to Epic for now $15 USD (instead of USD 20)

So that being said, we want to share the details for the Upgrades. Since this ends fairly soon, but affects players across Linux, Mac and Windows. So head on over to our shop to upgrade.

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