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Albion Online Nimue content update is live

albion online nimue content update is live on linux mac windows

Albion Online releases the new content update Nimue on Linux, Mac and Windows. This is the also the fifth major post-release content update for the sandbox MMO. Now live, the expansion adds several new features and numerous updates. While including improvements to the game. To mark the occasion, starter packs and upgrades will be available at a discount. Which runs until November 27th.

Albion Online Nimue content Update Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The new Nimue content update features:

  • Crystal Realm Battles: An impressive 5 vs. 5 battle mode for Guild vs. Guild players, which takes place in a mystic new arena bursting with light and color.
  • Party Finder: This new feature allows solo players, smaller groups and guilds to create their own parties or join existing ones in the lobby. Players can join forces in a broad range of activities within the world of Albion, from spontaneous dungeon and Hellgate raids to organized guild events to joint role-playing games.
  • Improved Guild Logos: The Nimue update now offers guilds the opportunity to change their logo after initial creation. On top of that, a preview function allows players to view logos in various contexts and adjust them accordingly.
  • Mob Faction Capes: In addition to the City Faction Capes that came with the Merlyn update, players can now complement their combat builds with five new Mob Faction Capes which offer various passive spells.
  • Guardian Aspects: These “Mini Guardians” are smaller versions of the current Raid Guardians, which spawn randomly in the world of Albion. They offer an opportunity for smaller groups to earn resources and glory.

Resource, UI and Merchant changes:

  • Enemy Marker and Party Roles: Players now have the chance to mark enemies and NPCs in the open world. Also, the roles of party members in combat is available in the open world (healer, tank, etc).
  • Changes to Outlands Resource Redistribution: With the Nimue update, tier-8 resources will be moved back from the territories to the open world, increasing the chance to find them, even if they only appear in high-tier zones.
  • Improved NPCs and Merchant Buildings: Numerous NPCs now have full voice-over audio to make interactions with them more meaningful and entertaining for the players. In addition, several craftsmen and merchants have been updated with new character models, and lighting effects have been added to major merchant buildings to make them easier to find at night.

Additional Improvements:

  • Improved Arena and Faction Outposts
  • Use of cursor to place plants, herbs, animals and furniture
  • Numerous quality-of-life improvements to controls and UI

Albion Online discount:

So all starter packs and upgrades are available from the Albion store. Which releases with a solid 34% discount until November 27.

Also releasing, the same offer applies to the Steam. So all of the packs are priced at $19.77, $32.97, $65.97 USD respectively.

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