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Albion Online official release and Founder packs

albion online official release for linux mac windows gaming

While the wait will be over soon. The official release date of #AlbionOnline is merely two weeks away for Linux, Mac and #Windows. After five years of development and successful beta stages. Therefore July 17, 2017 will mark the beginning of a new #gaming era for Sandbox’ MMORPG. From that day on, there will be no more server wipes, and the history, economy and destiny of Albion will lie in the hands of the players. The developers of Sandbox Interactive are currently making final preparations before the big launch.

On July 9, 2017 at 10pm (CEST), the beta phase and thus the Founder c will end. The Founder Packs will no longer be available then. Interested gamers still have a week left to purchase such a Founder Pack to get their hands on exclusive goodies and content. Albion Online gamers who want to upgrade their existing Founder Pack should also visit the shop of the game by that date.

A video note from the Game Director Robin Henkys:

Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys

At the same time on July 9, 2017, the servers will also go down for the last time. Hence getting a wipe and will stay offline until July 17, 2017. The starting times for owners of the different Founder Packs will be announced in the following days. Sandbox Interactive will celebrate the end of the beta phase with the players in-game, too. Details to this event will follow shortly.

Sandbox Interactive thank their loyal Founder community. Since this significantly helped shape the game during the test phases and made Albion Online what it is today. As a sign of their gratitude, every Founder will receive an extra 10% Gold on release of the game:

  • Founder Pack Gold: Previously -> New!
  • Veteran Founder Pack: 2,000 Gold -> 2,200 Gold
  • Epic Founder Pack: 4,500 Gold -> 4,950 Gold
  • Legendary Founder Pack: 12,000 Gold -> 13,200 Gold

Of course, this extra Gold also applies to players who upgrade their Founder Pack. On top of that, Legendary Founders will now also receive the Epic Explorer’s Equipment and avatar ring.

So whether it’s the vast, open fantasy world or player-driven economy. Hence the freedom to play – and switch up – one’s dream role easily, or the wealth of PvE and PvP options. So Albion Online offers up an MMO gaming experience that fits the wants and needs of its players on Linux, Mac and Windows. Additional information on the official release on July 17, 2017 will follow in the next few days.

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