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Albion Online officially launches (Linux)

albion online officially launches linux mac windows games

Developed by Sandbox Interactive. Fantasy MMORPG #AlbionOnline officially launches on Linux, Mac and #Windows. While #games abound with a community of dedicated MMO fans. Kicking off their adventures with a clean slate after the beta server wipe. Legendary Founder and Legendary Starter Pack owners have already begun. Since they are taking their first steps in the sprawling land of Albion. Staking their claim on the untamed wilds and free markets therein.

So Epic Founders and Starters will be the next group to enter the fray. Joining Albion’s servers today July 18th at 13:00 UTC. Followed by Veteran Founders and Starters on July 19th at 13:00 UTC. So if you can’t wait to start forging out on your own adventure. Well then, Download the client and grab a Starter Pack to dive in right now. Immediately available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Featuring a player-driven economy and the flexibility of its “You Are What You Wear” class system. Since Albion Online delivers a unique MMO experience that shines on the actions of its community. So borders fluctuate as guilds vie for land in an unending PvP struggle. Player-crafted goods and equipment populate the realm’s vendors. Enterprising individuals corner local markets with their own storefronts. So the games Rangers can trade in their bows for axes. While collecting the lumber to fuel their guild’s war effort.

So everyone, warriors, gatherers, crafters, merchants or bandits matter. Forging Albion Online’s rich and living history. So whether you’re ready to strike out with a group of like minded adventurers. Or retreat to your own personal island home. Hence the wilds of Albion are yours to explore and shape.

Albion Online (New Intro Video):

Albion Online Features:

  • Tell your story: Inhabit a persistent world where you decide what your legacy will be. Will you take up the mantle of a legendary warrior? What about a world-renowned armorsmith?
  • Player-driven economy: From shopkeepers’ wares to every item that mobs drop, players craft the goods that keep Albion’s economic wheel spinning.
  • Change the game. Go classless: Don’t feel burdened by your role. Embrace Albion’s “You Are What You Wear” system and shift your role with ease.
  • Represent your guild: Connect and coordinate with other players to expand your territory on an ever-shifting map as you take on rival guilds and shape Albion in your image.
  • Be part of a community: Join over 250,000 dedicated players in the beta alone.

Since officially launches now. Everyone can Download the client and grab a Starter Pack.

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