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Albion Online opens Seasonal Referral Rewards

albion online opens seasonal referral rewards on linux mac windows

Albion Online opens Seasonal Referral Rewards across Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the referral season starts now. Active players can refer friends and get three new rewards. These are the Recruiter’s Chest, the Recruiter’s Tiger Cape, and the Recruiter’s Tiger.

How to Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards

Since the new referral season lasts until July 17. There are three ways to collect referrals and earn a Tiger mount:

  • The easiest way is by sending Trial Keys to your friends. Each key redeemed on an account without a key on it will count toward your referral season progress.
  • Additionally, any Starter Pack that you buy and that gets redeemed on an account without a key will also count toward your progress.
  • And last but not least: if a friend registers through this referral link. Then buys and redeems a Starter Pack on their account, you’ll also progress.

Albion Online | Season 3 Balance Changes (Linux, Mac, Windows)

New Dev Talk: GvG Season 3 Balance Changes

Albion Online‘s third GvG season starts this Saturday. So as part of our commitment to keep combat in Albion balanced and vital. Sandbox Interactive released a pre-season Balance Patch with the maintenance. In our most recent Dev Talk, Game Designer Michael Schwahn also discusses these changes in detail:

To get an overview of your current progress this season, and to see the FAQ for the referral system, login here.

About Albion Online

Albion Online is a medieval sandbox and cross-platform MMO for Linux, Mac and Windows. This MMO also provides players with a vast character customization system with no class restrictions. Along with a fully player-managed economy and dynamic PvP battles.

So the action of the game in the open world takes place around the seats. While you conquest and defend your territoriesAlbion Online is currently avalable as a buy-to-play title on Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Find more information at

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