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Albion Online releases a Character Builder

albion online releases a character builder in linux mac windows games
So just in time for the launch of #AlbionOnline last week. The #games developer Sandbox Interactive release the Character Builder on the official website. Bringing about a new level of customization across Linux, Mac and #Windows.

What’s this useful tool all about?

Since Albion Online features a class-free character system. The actual equipment combination defines which tasks the player is best setup for. So consequently, choosing the right equipment is decisive for success. Or the games failure.
So with the Character Builder, players can share their favorite combinations. Things includes weapons, armor, food and potions with the community. And players who are looking for the perfect equipment combination (the build) for upcoming tasks can find inspiration here. Additionally, players can also vote for the builds of other adventurers, so that popular and promising combinations can easily be detected. The Character Builder is divided into Solo and Group Builds as well as an Articles section.

  • Solo Builds are the core of the Character Builder. This is where the players showcase their favorite combinations for various tasks. Hence PvE or PvP combat, Gatherer, Ganker and other roles.
  • Group Builds put the focus on the setup of the group. Who is going to carry what equipment for the next Guild vs. Guild battle? Or whos is the next raid as roaming highwaymen? ­ The composition of the team and the synergies between the individual members play an important role.
  • Articles section holds all available guides and descriptions for all sorts of contingencies in the world of Albion Online. This is also where players can share their personal experience. While providing valuable input for other adventurers. Be it the best advice on building an efficient farm, the best spots for gathering resources. Or a complete overview of the most important features of the game for beginners.

The Character Builder is available on the website. To create builds and articles, players need an account and must own a Founder or Starter Pack. Since the launcher is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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