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Albion Online sandbox MMO is now Free to Play

albion online sandbox mmo is now free to play linux mac windows pc games

Albion Online sandbox MMO games now Free to Play for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks the efforts of Sandbox Interactive. So you can now play on Steam. And also on the games website. Plus more gameplay changes.

Sandbox Interactive launched the free to play model for Albion Online. The successful sandbox MMO is not accessible. Also for the first time ever, free of charge. So adventurers are now able to explore the world of Albion. Which means no limitations.
Players simply need to download the game client. Doing from the official website and create a free account.

Albion Online Free to Play launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So apart from a lively and steadily growing community. Including regular updates and improvements. New players will also have revised ingame tutorials. Available to introduce them to the game effectively.
Also, in addition to the improved early Albion Online experience. New players and veteran players will have nearly endless new possibilities. Either in group activities or PvP battles. Along with numerous new changes in refining. As well as crafting and financial expansion.


  • Moving between clusters within a city. Main city, bank, marketplace, etc. This no longer requires a cooldown period
  • Further performance improvements via optimisation in Albion Online. Available in name tags, mob health bars and veteran mob icons. Also party target markers

Increased Resource Respawn Speed

So to prepare for a potential influx of low-level players. The respawn rate of resources in safe and yellow zones. This has also been increased. i.e. the refill time for these resource nodes has been reduced:

  •    T2 respawns about 285% faster (now 21 seconds, was 60s)
  •    T3 respawns about 400% faster (now 45 seconds, was 180s)
  •    T4 respawns about 500% faster (now 100 seconds, was 500s)
  •    T5 respawns about 170% faster (now 450 seconds, was 750s)

There is also a full list of available in the changelog. Including these improvements in the Respawn speed. Which also sees a marked improvement.

Albion Online details of the Free to Play release are on the official website. Which means players on Linux, Mac and Windows PC can play. Either in a like minded guild. Or explore the games many PvP battles.

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