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Albion Online servers are stable again

albion online servers are stable again for linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since Albion Online is experiencing some server issues. Developer Sandbox Interactive are eager to announce that the servers are stable again. Which affect uses across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Yet the developers understand how important this is for a smooth experience. While also thinking the community for their patience with the lag issues.

So get back on your horse, take arms, and continue your adventure in Albion Online.

All our servers are stable, and the lag spikes are gone.

So for those who are not following the games updates. Here is a short breakdown of what is going on:

  • A short time after release, we were heavily hit by DDOS attacks. Likely from some gold sellers who did not like the fact that we are taking strong action against them. We received a ransom letter that we, of course, did not give in to.
  • The DDOS attacks were too strong for our defenses. So we made a switch to a very powerful, external, hardware based DDOS mitigation service. As a reaction to that (a so-called “scrubbing center”).
  • While that helped to deal with the DDOS attacks, the traffic filtering in place caused problems for the players, leading to packet loss, leading to strong lag spikes and disconnects.
  • We had initially hoped to get these issues under control in close collaboration with the external DDOS protection provider. When this did not work out, we switched to a new, large scale provider. As all of this happens on a hardware and infrastructure level. It’s much more technically viable than the DDOS mitigation services you find via a google search. This took us some time.
  • So the migrations is finally complete. The new DDOS mitigation provider is in place since last Friday. There has been no more server stability or lag issues since then.

We are really happy that this episode is now behind us, and would like to thank all of you for your patience.

The Berlin-based developers at Sandbox Interactive have further plans. So players can look forward to regular updates, new features and constant improvements. Therefore three to four comprehensive updates are part of the yearly plans.

So Albion Online faced some epic challenges. Yet the games certainly available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Now working as expected. Available via the official website.

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