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Albion Online the Steam release date

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Albion Online has a Steam release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the release is just around the corner. Sandbox Interactive are hard at work developing new in-game achievements. They are also eager to announce that, to coincide with the Steam launch on May 16th, all achievements developed for the Steam launch will also be available in the native Albion Online client.

So get ready for a whole range of new goals. From straight forward achievements that track your hunting, gathering, and crafting progress. All the way to hardcore objectives that will truly test your mettle.

Albion Online | Join the Fight (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since Albion Online has a classless combat system. This means switching playstyles is as easy as switching gear. So players can test out new equipment anytime. While you swap out weapons, armor and mounts to suit any situation.

This allows players to hone your character’s skills. Since you can craft new items or by simply using your favorite equipment.

From solo to small-group to large-scale battles. You will need strategy, tactics and skill to prevail. Test your skills against other adventurers in high-risk and high-reward full-loot fights. And then use every tactic at your disposal to emerge victorious.

Also guilds are worthwhile in Albion Online. Players can carve out their own piece of Albion. Taking advantage of tactical guild-versus-guild battles. Taking over territories for access to incredible resources. While building guild halls and crafting stations. And conquer entire cities to levy taxes and grow your wealth.

Since you can track your guild’s progress on a constantly-updated leaderboard. As well as taking on leadership roles to bring your guild to new heights of glory.

Steam release date and Fame Boost: May 16 – 22

Sandbox are celebrating the launch on Steam. Albion Online players old and new alike will get a week-long Fame boost.
So from May 16-22, all players will get 25% more Fame for all activities in the world of Albion. This is for gathering, crafting, killing mobs, and everything else.

The boost is automatic after the release date, so get ready to log in and send your Fame levels skyrocketing.

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