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Alder’s Blood funded on Kickstarter with a Demo

alder's blood funded on kickstarter with a demo linux windows pc

Alder’s Blood has been fully funded on Kickstarter for Windows PC, while Linux looms closer to release. Thanks to developer Shockwork Games who now have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Plus there is also a live Demo available. Which is very playable on Linux.

They say gameplay is a bit XCOM. Also a little Darkest Dungeon and a whole lot of Bloodborne. Taking place in a Victorian Western, turn based tactical game.

Since Shockwork Games reached the 100% goal two weeks before the deadline. Thanks to community support.
They celebrate the success of Kickstarter campaign being funded. Along with a ‘thank you’ surprise for all backers. Shockwork have released a short demo. Available on both and IndieDB. Since this gives you a taste of Alder’s Blood unusual experience.
While the Demo itself is only available for a limited time. And on Windows PC. Below are details how to run it on Linux.

Launching the Demo on Linux

First, launch the game via terminal using “wine Alder's Blood.exe“. Then be sure to ALT+TAB just in case the cursor is thrown out of the game. Which is likely.
If the Demo launches in the wrong monitor. Select the Settings and Windowed mode. If you end up with a black screen when moving the game window. Just hit the X on the top right to close it. Then restart, which will launch Alder’s Blood in Windowed mode. Move the game window while it’s loading. Then enjoy the Alder’s Blood demo.

Alder’s Blood Kickstarter Trailer

Alder’s Blood is a turn-based, tactical stealth game. Which also comes with a dash of strategy. Gamers take on the role of one of the Hunters. Perfectly trained and highly skilled. And likewise, a professional monster slayer.
The Hunters carefully plan their attacks. So they sneak in the shadows. Until they almost feel the nasty breath of the monster they set their sights on. Then strike in no time. Quick, quiet, and deadly.

Hunters overcome their enemies with the use of tactics. While using specialized gear and dark arts. However, in a one-on-one encounter, even the most experienced and skilled do not stand a chance when facing a beast. That is why joining forces with other Hunters in Alder’s Blood. And the value of tactics is higher than muscles. Which is crucial for staying alive. Because, don’t forget, these monsters can easily detect Hunter’s presence by their scent. So be sure to monitor wind direction, avoid being noticed. And prepare deadly ambushes.
Remember that hunting tools are as important as your weapons. You should make good use of sophisticated technology. Including dark artifacts, at your disposal. But most of all, remember that whatever you do. Your resources will be limited, and opportunities rare. So don’t waste any of them.

With over 40h of gameplay and a retail price of $24.99 USD. The Alder’s Blood Kickstarter is the best chance to get the game at a discount. With additional extras thrown in. Due to release on Windows PC, and Linux after release. Now that the games funded.

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