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Alien Arena for Linux v7.52 [Free Game]

Here’s the version 7.52 Linux/Unix release of Alien Arena, COR Entertainment’s open-sourced, free multiplayer FPS that combines retro and modern sci-fi themes into an immersive atmosphere.

Version 7.52 boasts a host of updated and new content, as well as a new stats account system, renderer updates/improvements/bugfixes, and a new game mode, Insta-Rockets. Four brand new levels have been introduced, as well as a new violator model, updated player skins with glow effects, all new powerup models(including the new megahealth!), and updates to a variety of other skins and textures.

Alien Arena is a freeware online deathmatch game with fast and furious action for Windows and Linux! The game runs on the CRX engine, and features modern effects such as real-time per-pixel lighting and shadows, GLSL shaders, light bloom, reflective surfaces and much more, while still being able to run on even modest systems. The game includes a built in, as well as external server browser and chat client. Players can look up their stats online, chat with other players, and become part of a growing community.

Alien Arena automatically tries to detect your best settings on first run. Please use the video options in the game menu to adjust the settings to best suit your gaming system. Alien Arena employs an OpenAL sound system. If you have any problems please report them in the Alien Arena forums.

Some of the new general features for this release include:

Many new models and textures
Four exciting new levels
Vegetation shadowmapping
Account system for stats
Improved stats algorithms
Various improved effects
Decoupled renderer from client frame code
Variety of bug fixes and code cleansing
Changes to the bot code and anti-camp

For the full changelog see here.

The official MacOS port has been indefinitely postponed, but work continues on it.