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Alien Arena, Open Source Game, Gets Four New Levels

Alien Arena has hit the version 7.52 which brings new features, levels and bug fixes. Alien Arena is one of the most popular 3D games on the GNU/Linux platform.

You can install the game in Ubuntu via Software Center. If you are using Fedora, you can install it from the Add/Remove tool. If you already have the game installed just run this command:

su -c ‘yum update alienarena’

Alien Arena 2011 is an online deathmatch game with over 30 levels, seven modes of play, loads of mutators, built-in bots, multiple player characters and weapons (with alt-fire modes).

Version 7.52 boasts a host of updated and new content, as well as a new stats account system, renderer updates/improvements/bugfixes, and a new game mode, Insta-Rockets. Four brand new levels have been introduced, as well as a new violator model, updated player skins with glow effects, all new powerup models(including the new megahealth!), and updates to a variety of other skins and textures.


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