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Alien Blood Bath source code – Android (Developer Help)

Is anyone familiar with the open source Android game “Alien Blood Bath 2” ? I’m about to have a look at its source code (see here: ) to try and learn a bit from it.

I successfully imported it in Eclipse and it compiles and runs in the emulator, but it seems to ‘halt’ at the level select tab. Looking at screenshots tells me that a list of available game levels is supposed to be loaded in the level select tab. But nothing comes up and the list stays empty, hence it’s not possible to start the game…

I would appreciate if someone took the time to import the above linked project folder into Eclipse and let me know how it runs. It would be interesting to see if you get further than the level select tab. The author of the game says on his project webpage that the source should run as is. (I have not been able to reach him to ask him about this issue, that’s why I post here..)

If anyone spots a problem with the provided source code, please share here!

THX in advance!