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Alien: Isolation support for Linux mentioned in AMD Catalyst driver known issues


So it looks like Linux #support for Alien: Isolation is going to happen. Initially the title appeared on #SteamDB, which has also received another update. Neither #CreativeAssembly or SEGA have made any official announcement yet.

However, the release notes for AMD’s newly released Catalyst 15.9 Linux drivers were recently published with the following listed as a known issue: “[425912] Alien: Isolation – Blank screen or corruption observed on the main menu in game.”


The Linux mention has been removed from the AMD Catalyst 15.9 drivers release notes for Linux. Alien: Isolation specification requirements are only available for Windows PC on Steam with no further announcements. Check it out, the games mention is still available in a Google cache of the page.

If Alien: Isolation hits Linux, this will mark another AAA game in the long list of titles that now have a native release. A great sign for those who have pondered, making the switch, giving Linux and SteamOS more viability.


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