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All Quiet in the Trenches release is deep

all quiet in the trenches story turn-based strategy rpg game in world war i releases on linux and windows pc

All Quiet in the Trenches story turn-based strategy RPG game in World War I releases on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the imaginative team at Totally Not Aliens for their work. Available now on Steam Early Access.

So, have you heard about All Quiet in the Trenches? It’s a fresh experience where you dive into World War I as a German sergeant. It’s not just any war story; it’s something that really tugs at your emotions.

Picture this: It’s 1915, and you’re in the middle of the Western Front, leading a group of soldiers. The twist? It’s not about winning the war; it’s about keeping your team alive. That’s a big deal. Since you’re not just a fighter in All Quiet in the Trenches; you’re the one they rely on. While making decisions that could mean life or death.

Now, the setting is certainly intense. You’re in the trenches, dealing with all the challenges that come with it. There’s hard work, scarce supplies, and some serious decisions to make. Do your guys get enough rest? How do they cope with the horrors they’ve seen and the friends they’ve lost?

Each choice you make in All Quiet in the Trenches shapes your story. It’s like you’re writing a personal war drama with every decision. But remember, while you can’t sway the course of the war, you can make a world of difference for your soldiers.

All Quiet in the Trenches – Early Access Trailer

So it’s not just about physical challenges. All Quiet in the Trenches delves deep into the mental strains of war. The stress, the unpredictability – it’s all there, making you constantly weigh your options and try to outsmart fate.

The release is still developing, due to be in Early Access for a year or two. This also means it’s growing and evolving, and Linux players like you can be a part of that journey. Also, have a look at the Roadmap to see what changes are coming.

What’s really unique is how All Quiet in the Trenches sets itself apart. It’s not your typical war game. Since it’s more about the human side, the struggle, and the brotherhood. This story turn-based strategy RPG is also a powerful reminder of the cost of war, far from the usual action-packed, win the war kind of narrative.

If you’re into games that offer more than just entertainment, that make you think and feel, keep an eye on this one. All Quiet in the Trenches going to be a unique ride, blending history, emotion, and tough choices. Just imagine the stories you’ll create and the lives you’ll impact in those trenches. Available now on Steam Early Access. Priced at $22.49 USD / £18.89 / 22,05€ with the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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