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All the Hidden Corners adventure hits Kickstarter

all the hidden corners adventure hits kickstarter linux windows games

Since #AlltheHiddenCorners is an adventure game now crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Set to release on Linux, Mac and #Windows. Which recalls the spirit of adventure gaming in the 80’s and 90’s. Yet with modern design conventions. While hailing inspiration from #games like The Last Express and the Laura Bow Mysteries. Since these challenged traditional adventure gaming design.

So the Kickstarter campaign for All the Hidden Corners is now live. The games about a Linguistics PhD student who comes into the possession a strange Soviet-era spy helmet. An interesting plot with a twist, check out the pitch trailer blow:

All the Hidden Corners – Kickstarter Story:

Linux support is not named in the Kickstarter campaign. So we reached out to odplot productions, who issued this email reply:

“Hi Todd,

We are making All the Hidden Corners using the Unreal Engine 4, and it will be available on Linux. We’re expecting to launch it on Windows, Mac and Linux all simultaneously in April 2018.”

All the Hidden Corners is an adventure game that hails from The Last Express and the mysteries of Laura Bow. Since this is a thriller with an international cast set aboard a Russian train. Having player solve puzzles while trying to gain the trust of the weird passengers. While and gathering information from them.

The Kickstarter rewards include a physical PS2-style manual. This includes a full walkthrough for the game (there will also be a digital-only booklet available freely online. Which has a less extensive walkthrough, and less game artwork). At odplot, the devleopers want want the games experience to be very widely accessible. So this means adventurers of all skill levels. And All the Hidden Corners is designed from the ground up. Using the guide, so that it is easy to find clues. No matter what puzzle you may get stuck on. Without spoiling any of the surrounding content.

All the Hidden Corners is currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter. And since we have confirmation for a day-one Linux release, along with Mac and Windows.