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All Walls Must Fall gets a 50 percent off sale

All Walls Must Fall gets a 50 percent off sale for linux mac windows games 2017

inbetweengames from Berlin is celebrating the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. So this week they release a new gameplay trailer for All Walls Must Fall. Also, the games on sale via Steam this week with a 50% discount until November 13, 2017.

All Walls Must Fall is a tech-noir tactics game set in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended. A game in the isometric action tactics genre, you command secret agents using time travel, social stealth and combat. Prevent nuclear annihilation. Bring down the Wall. Love, kill, and remix reality to explore the meaning of freedom in a parable reflecting upon current global issues in the mirror of a fantastic future past.

All Walls Must Fall – Early Access Gameplay Trailer:

So in All Walls Must Fall you using a pausable real-time system. Also having to carefully plan your decisions. Use powerful time manipulation abilities to your advantage. While you carry out your mission in the shadows or in plain sight. Levels are procedurally recombined. So this gives All Walls Must Fall a highly replayable campaign structure. Yet still offering individually crafted components and set-pieces.

All Walls Must Fall takes inspiration from genre classics. Such as X-ComSyndicate and REZ, as well more recent indie games like The Banner SagaBraidSUPERHOT and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

  • Isometric action-tactics game for Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Hybrid real-time / simultaneous turn-based tactical gameplay
  • Procedurally generated levels and campaign that plays different every time
  • Sci-Fi noir Berlin as a divided city in which the Cold War never ended
  • Mind-bending time manipulation abilities that allow you to experiment with possible futures and rewind to the past.
  • Synaesthetic nightclub environments and audio
  • A simulation sandbox featuring crowd simulation and destructible objects
  • A parable that reflects on free will, moral ambiguity and the meaning of freedom
  • Developed by a team of former AAA professionals using Unreal Engine 4

So All Walls Must Fall is currently available on Steam Early Access and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games on sale with a nice 50% discount until November 13, 2017.

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