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Almost My Floor a horror point and click adventure

almost my floor is a horror point and click adventure coming to linux gaming windows pc plus a prologue

Almost My Floor is a horror point and click adventure coming to Linux gaming, beside Windows PC plus a Prologue. Thanks to developer Potata Company. The free Prologue is due to arrive at the beginning of next month on Steam.

With a free prologue coming out on Steam next month. And also seeing the Almost My Floor trailer. This is a new indie point and click adventure in a horror style. This unique adventure will introduce the story of Alex. A real fan of horror movies. Who one day will experience what it’s like to get into one. Sound intriguing? Reaching out to the developer, here is what they have to say about Linux gaming.

We are using the Unity3d engine.
Yes, we have plans to make ports on Linux (maybe a bit later after release on windows).

Potata Company is a small indie game studio of just two people from Russia. So this will not be a day one Linux gaming release for Almost My Floor. But with the Prologue coming up very soon. This will certainly offer up a good taste of what you might expect. Albiet using Proton, for now. While the full release is due in February 2021.

That being said, this is a unique game. Since your choices influence the story. Similarly, this leaves it up to you on how the story will end.
Almost My Floor certainly presents an endearing story driven title. Including a vibrant hand drawn setting with a ton of fluff. And even more details waiting to be explored.

Almost my floor trailer (indie point&click horror)

Prologue Features:

  • Classic horror-themed 2D-adventure
  • Player’s choices influence the story and its ending
  • Detailed locations and characters drawn in comic book artstyle
  • Interesting puzzles that will keep you thinking for a short while
  • Death awaits at every corner
  • Monsters will keep living on in your nightmares

Almost my floor Prologue releases Free on October 5th for Windows PC via Steam. But you can expect to see a port in Linux gaming after the full release in February 2021. So be sure to Wishlist the horror point and click adventure game on Steam.

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