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Almost My Floor horror releases a trailer

almost my floor point and click horror releases a trailer for both linux and windows pc

Almost My Floor point and click horror releases a trailer for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Potata Company for revealing more content. All due to make its debut on Steam in August 2021.

Potata Company team is eager to present the release trailer for Almost My Floor. This is a point & click horror detective story. Also the sinister story of house #9 from the viewpoint of two playable characters. A simple guy Alex and an outstanding detective Adam Trust. Two paths – one story.

Almost my floor – point and click horror adventure trailer

For Alex, this is the story of a long journey home. All that dwells inside exists between fiction and reality. So it is time to face the monsters. While you meet the other house residents and determine their fate. But the most important thing is to escape the depths of terror of Almost My Floor. And also try to remain sane afterwards.

For Detective Adam Trust, unraveling secrets is the life’s work. He’s not keen on giving up, so he will learn everything there is to learn about house #9. Although this time, the price of his ambition may end up too high.

From the trailer, you can see where aspects of sanity get put to the test. The art style and interactive actions are similar to Unforeseen Incidents. Since there is a focus on investigative work including some elements from Among Us.


  • Two main characters in Almost My Floor. Each has different perspectives on history
  • Various options for passing
  • Locations and characters are drawn in comic book art style
  • Interesting puzzles that will keep you thinking for a short while
  • Death awaits at every corner
  • Monsters will keep living on in your nightmares

Almost My Floor point and click horror will be released on Steam in August 2021. Due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC. If you are eager to get a taste of gameplay, check out the Prologue on Steam.