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The Alpha Device will likely get native support

the alpha device 6dof walking simulator linux support, mac and windows games

The Alpha Device just launched Free on Steam but Mac and Windows, but not Linux. Well it looks like that could also change. At least according to Byron Atkinson-Jones, aka. Xiotex Studios.

Beyond space, beyond reason… beyond humanity. Players will venture into the unknown depths of the universe. While discovering a gripping tale of a dystopian future. One that calls your very existence into question.

Linux support:

“It [The Alpha Device] was made using Unity. But it’s not using a standard rendering technique. It’s all done using distance field rendering which is not too different from ray tracing.

A Linux build is possible but not in the initial release until I can be sure it works.”

Since the attempt will be there for a native Linux support. There is no time frame as to when this will happen. And being that development differs from the base Unity 3D development. It will be a wait and see.

Narrated by David Hewlett, star of Stargate, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Academy Award-nominated The Shape Of Water.

The Alpha Device is a narrative experience focusing on story rather than puzzles or combat. Here, the story is all. You can discover each part of the story at your own pace, but the game is designed to be completed in one sitting – there is no save function and your progress will not be stored if you decide to stop playing.

Once you start the game, you’re totally on your own. There’s no main menu, no guidance, no tutorial. Just head towards the green light when you’re ready to proceed…

The Alpha Device (Windows, Mac and likely Linux)

So, The Alpha Device debuts on Steam. Which is available completely Free for Mac and Windows. There are also no ads or in-game purchases at all. Which is being done to thank everyone who has supported Xiotex Studios. Since they celebrate 10 years on their journey through making indie games. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. And while it’s only through the support of the people who have bought their games. Also giving encouragement that they are still around right now.

The Alpha device is our most experimental game to date. it’s been called the worlds first 6DOF walking simulator and an epic story:

“To say too much about the story will ruin it, but needless to say it’s fantastic and tells a cleverly constructed sci-fi narrative that’s fondly reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s works.”

Xiotex Studios was formed in 2007 by industry verteran Byron Atkinson-Jones. During it’s 10 year life the company has released numerous games on many platforms