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Alphaman a new Megaman like platformer

alphaman a new megaman like platformer on linux windows pc

Alphaman is a new Megaman like platformer for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game developer Heartfelt Games LLC. Available now on both Itch and Steam.

Alphaman takes place in 20XX. Since android AI now has the capacity to serve humanity. Replacing dangerous, servantile, and repetitive jobs. The world is also at peace. At least until a group of underground hackers get involved. So now, the group known as the Red Bombers release a berserker virus. Now in the general population of Personal Androids. Including user modified models intended for arena battles.

As a result, it’s up to Alpha. The first android Alphaman designed with the sole purpose of fighting. And hopefully stop these infected bots and take down the Red Bombers.

You will control Alpha through seven handcrafted stages. Plus a final boss stage. While pick up boss weapons and upgrades along the way. The cute operator will provide intel before each mission. While giving some back story to each stage. Action only fans need not worry, you can skip each dialogue in game.

Alphaman Official Gameplay Trailer

Alphaman is a nostalgic trip down retro lane. Including 8-bit inspired graphics. With a 16-bit era control scheme allowing for not just running, jumping, and shooting. But also dashing and wall climbing. So yes, controller support is included. And gameplay is very reactive, so buckle up.

Fight through Chefbot’s stage in a medieval castle covered in cake frosting. And also journey through Usherbot’s spooky cathedral. Climb through Maidbot’s love hotel. And douse Firebot’s flames in the city’s sewers and skyscrapers. While you work to find the location of the Red Bomber’s secret hideout.

Alphaman is a cool new Megaman like platformer. Which also releases for a mere $5 USD. Along with a 10% discount on launch. The games available on Itch and Steam (below).

** The Steam Linux build is available. There were some issues regarding overlay. But Heartfelt Games has a fix. And as a result, your purchase includes a Steam code plus the DRM-free Linux build.**

Heartfelt Games LLC is an independent developer of desktop computer games located in Shreveport, Louisiana. When It Hits the Fan is the first of hopefully many titles to come since founding in 2015. We can be visited at

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