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Alt254 minimalist action adventure to get support

alt254 minimalist action adventure to get support for the game on linux with windows pc

Alt254 minimalist action adventure to get support for the game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Rename Studio. Which is already available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Since the Alt254 reviews on Steam seem to be quite good. Aside from the odd bug here and there. As you take an interest yet minimalistic adventure where you will explore an open world. Which is also full of surprises and enigmas. And every location is different with its own challenges. But as of now, there is no support for the game on Linux. Here’s what Rename Studio has to say.

Regarding to your questions, the game engine we use is Unity. Our future plans include a port for Linux, but we cannot promise a date right now. Hopefully, it will be ready during first months of 2021.

Developer Rename Studio wants to “export the game for almost every platform.” Which also includes support for the game on Linux. But this will not take place until 2021. As it looks like the studio is still working on more fixes. Having also just released the first major update for Alt254.

Alt254 Trailer

Rename Studio also releases their first major Accessibility Update. The studio implements some new features to make the game more accessible to new players:

  • Map annotations: you can now put marks on the map to signal what you encounter along the way.
  • You can check what ground level you are in when the map shows up.
  • The UI has been revamped to give you visual cues when there’s a secret passage nearby. We don’t want to spoil the surprise — but you’ll notice when you see it!
  • Combat has received a general overhaul to make it more fair in Alt254.
  • Also, you will get a reward of HP when you defeat an enemy.
  • Enemies now only respawn after you die. They won’t do it when you reach a checkpoint.
  • A new system to evaluate the player’s needs is available. Now the Oracle shows more coherent and useful clues.
  • Some puzzles have been tweaked.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

The very first puzzle in Alt254 will be to understand the world around you. This includes its rules and mechanics. But that’s just the beginning. In your adventure, you will find broken pieces of your memory. Such as glimpses of a lost past, like a shattered mirror. With its pieces scattered around the world. Maybe when you find them all, you will understand who you are and why you are here.

Alt254 an open-world minimalist action adventure game. Available on Humble Store and Steam, priced at $9.99 USD / €9,99. The release is out for Windows PC. But support is coming for the game on Linux in early 2021.

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