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Alterborn action shooter holds hope

alterborn soulslike action shooter game holds hope for linux with windows pc

Alterborn soulslike action shooter game holds hope for Linux with Windows PC. Which is the work and genius of developer Iron Lung. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Get comfy while the art team responsible for the looks of Alterborn guides you through the nuances. While they are creating a visually appealing game world. All in a genre filled with darkness and a dire setting. Devs will reveal few bits of characters currently in development. Including settings and coming features of character customization. As for Linux support….

However we do plan on to do Linux-focused tests in the near future. We’ll give it some time and if we’ll make it works like a charm on Linux, you’ll surely be able to launch it on it.

This is the developer comment on the Alterborn forum. It is hopeful since Unreal Engine 4 is being used for development. But the game is currently in development. So this is some confirmation that the game will work on Linux. Despite it not being clear if this will be a native build or Proton. Still, looking at the trailer, I’m already hooked.

Alterborn – Official Announcement Trailer

Alterborn is a third person survival action shooter full of dark humor. While drawing its spark from various genres. Including soulslikes, roguelites, and looter shooters. All due to mix it up with a range of arcade abilities. Offering players endless mayhem and fun.

Bringing new style to Souls – Dev Talk #2

Main Features:

  • Altered State – Explore uniquely crafted levels full of procedurally generated content. While offering constantly changing Alterborn gameplay mechanics. Watch how your settings change in real time before eyes.
  • Action packed playthroughs with no two games alike – Remember that your actions matter and impact the world around you. Whenever you delve into the Shattered Lands, your gameplay will differ. Spot patterns, learn them, and adjust your skill to suit. You shall be rewarded.
  • In-depth RPG and difficulty level customization – Adjust the challenge with gameplay mechanics rather than an artificial slider. Every progression system will require you to make vivid yet difficult choices. Mix and match endless unlockables to fit your Alterborn playstyle.
  • Choose your friends and foes – Watch the story evolve depending on your choices. Also influencing actual gameplay, giving you access to unique mechanics. Such as weapons, quests, and more. Through this system, you’ll be able to get a look at what is truly going on within this crazed, unstable world.

Add Alterborn to your Steam Wishlist. Join the official Discord server to take part in the currently ongoing community event.

Alterborn soulslike action shooter is being developed by the Polish studio, Iron Lung. Due to launch with support for Linux with Windows PC in Q3 2023.

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