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Alterium Shift debuts the choice-driven story

alterium shift turn-based combat and choice-driven story game releases on linux mac windows pc

Alterium Shift turn-based combat and choice-driven story game releases on Linux, Mac, as well as Windows PC. Due to the creative efforts of developers drass_ray and Mottzy. Available now via Steam Early Access with a discount.

Tokyo-based Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. has just rolled out into early access for the journey, Alterium Shift. This adventure is brought to life by the wizards at Drattzy Games and has been given a thumbs-up by many. Where players take on an epic saga in the shadowy realms of dark elves.

With Alterium Shift, the fun really kicks into high gear right after the demo on Linux. Doing so in a vast land unfolding before your eyes, full of brand new towns, cities, and dungeons waiting to be discovered. There are also a ton of mysteries just begging to be solved.

Do you fancy yourself as a puzzle solver? Great, since you’ll have some brain bending puzzles to crack in Alterium Shift. Doing so before you can face the colossal bosses that lurk in the desert. Plus, the turn-based combat and choice-driven story also means you’ll have to deal with the wild setting’s challenges. Since this makes every moment a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

The best part of this journey is the ability to switch between worlds. Along the way, you’ll meet amazing characters, each with a different slice of life. Since every interaction shapes the story in its unique way. so if you’re keen on playing more than one character, keep your eyes peeled for special things. It’s worth it.

Alterium Shift – Release Trailer

Drattzy’s co-founder, Mottzy, is eager to have everyone dive into the intricate universe of Alterium Shift. He sees it as proof of their team’s dedication and wants to make the ride even better with the help of the community’s input.

Art Director DrassRay also can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the artistic design of Alterium Shift. This retro-inspired journey isn’t just their masterpiece – it’s a shared adventure. So they’re keen on taking your feedback and making it an even better experience.

Alterium Shift is a 2.5 HD pixel tribute to classic 90s JRPGs. In this spectacular universe, you’ll get to delve into the lives of main characters, witnessing their intertwining destinies and the ripples each of their stories creates in the overarching narrative. All this takes place while they strive to decipher the grand mystery of the turmoil in Alteria.

There’s so much to do! From tackling ominous bosses, unveiling hidden secrets, and solving intricate puzzles. All the way to enjoying quirky minigames, embarking on side quests, and cracking up at the deluge of jokes. With its unique blend of classic playstyle, cutting-edge 2.5 HD visuals, and a heap of nostalgic moments. Alterium Shift is like a love letter to those retro JRPGs. Now, it’s time to gear up and embark on this unforgettable journey!

Alterium Shift turn-based combat and choice-driven story is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $15.99 USD / £13.40 / 15,60€ with the 20% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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