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Alterium Shift retro JRPG to release soon

alterium shift 2.5d retro jrpg game is getting ready to release on linux mac and windows pc

Alterium Shift 2.5D retro JRPG game is getting ready to release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity behind developers drass_ray and Mottzy. Working to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

There’s this crazy new title, Alterium Shift made by Drattzy in the U.S. It’s being published by Gravity Arise Co., Ltd., a company from Tokyo, Japan. Now, here’s the exciting part: it’s due to release in Steam Early Access, on July 6th.

That means you can get your hands on this 2.5D retro JRPG game before it launches and even give some feedback. You can feel like part of the development team. Plus, from July 6th to 13th, it’s 20% cheaper, so you can save with a discount too.

Alterium Shift is going to be a feature in this year’s Steam NEXT FEST, which is taking place from June 19th through June 26th. It’s certainly a big deal to see it take part with other new titles on the rise. But you can still play the Demo now on Linux.

Alterium Shift Early Access Launch Trailer

Alterium Shift is a 2.5 HD pixel setting (which is like 3D but with retro graphics). It’s a JRPG, and it’s styled like the old-school releases from the ’90s. You know, the type of title that your older sibling or maybe your parents were playing when they were kids. Due to offering everything: heroes, villains, crazy powers, hidden secrets, puzzles, and little extras on the side. There are also a whole lot of missions and even dad jokes.

The Alterium Shift journey will take you through two massive worlds full of enemies and big bosses. The best part? The story changes around your choices, so each time you play, like a brand new title.

Combat wise, it’s got a turn-based system, like chess but with spells and abilities. There’s even a turn order display to help you strategize your moves. And if you like looting, you’re going to get plenty of items to boost your gameplay.

Alterium Shift 2.5D retro JRPG game is all about the main characters’ relationships, their individual stories, and a big mystery happening in Alteria, the main world. So, if you’re bound to magic, mystery, and a unique storyline, then be sure to Wishlist it on Steam. Get ready for Early Access on July 6th. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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