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Alwa’s Legacy retro platformer gets a release date

alwa’s legacy retro platformer gets a release date for linux mac windows pc

Alwa’s Legacy is a new retro platformer gets a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie developer Elden Pixels. Due to arrive on Steam and GOG later this month.

Alwa’s Legacy is the successor to the critically acclaimed 8-bit inspired platformer Alwa’s Awakening. Which is also available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

After saving the land of Alwa following the events of the first game. Zoe is about to embark on her quest home. However, upon waking up she finds herself at the beginning of her adventure. Since the world feels different yet familiar. In order to return home, she will need to help the dwellers of this mysterious land. And also save it yet again from the mysterious curse it appears to be under.

Using Zoe’s magic staff, players must negotiate the land of Alwa. While solving risky puzzles and fend off monsters. There are new items and a character upgrade system in Alwa’s Legacy. Since this allows you to craft your individual playstyle. All focusing on an offensive, defensive or explorative skillset. Using magical upgrades, novel pathways are available as you explore the nonlinear linked world. Summoning blocks to climb on and bubbles to bounce off of in Alwa’s Legacy. There are also lightning bolts to attack with. Quick reflexes are essential to get through challenging rooms while avoiding booby traps and pitfalls. Along this adventure, you will meet all manner of interesting characters. So be sure to comb through dangerous dungeons. And uncover amazing secrets as you attempt to save the land from ruin.

Alwa’s Legacy Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Alwa’s Legacy honours the past with it’s very modern take on the metroidvania genre. Since gameplay is full of puzzles to solve. There are certainly dungeons to explore and magical items to acquire. Plus those ancient secrets to discover. Add in Alwa’s Legacy 16-bit inspired visuals. Mixing classical pixel art aesthetics with new visual flourishes. Such as a realistic lighting system and modern game design principles. Alwa’s Legacy offers a timeless play experience.

This is Elden Pixels’ second game. Following their homage to classic 8-bit platforming adventures, Alwa’s Awakening. Which also has rave reviews. Fans were so enthused by it that Alwa’s Legacy was funded on Kickstarter. Thanks to 924 backers offering SEK 250,000 to see the game come to life. Though set in the same world with the same protagonist. Alwa’s Legacy is not a direct sequel to Alwa’s Awakening. But a standalone experience which can be enjoyed separately.

Alwa’s Legacy retro platformer gets a release date. Launching on Steam and GOG on June 17th. Priced at $17.99 USD / £13.99 / €14.99. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC

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