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Amazing Frog coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC from Ouya


Amazing Frog was one of the biggest Ouya #launch games, turning the Wiltshire town in a wacky physics #sandbox filled with trampolines, cannons, fans, bouncy castles, remote-controlled cars, space rockets, cats, skateboarding pigeons, explosive barrels, blimps, guns, and footballs for split-screen shenanigans. Now it’s trying to hop to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam Greenlight.

This might all sound a bit like Goat Simulator, but an Amazing Frog? came first. Its playfulness is a mite more directed too, with all the props encouraging players to invent their own games and competitions. I’m awfully keen on that sort of creative play, and not just in video games. Developers Fayju want to add more of that as they bring it to Linux, Mac and Windows PC:

Coming to Steam :: Remastered bigger open world split screen sandbox. Shoot your froggy self out of cannons, dive off buildings, get Mad Ups on the Bouncy Castle and try to reach the Blimp. Fight for the crown, race moon buggies, collect TVs together, find Cats, be destructive or just flap around, there is loads to do when you’re a frog in Swindon. Theres also Party Mode – 4 player split screen crown snatching, gun shooting hilarity and more.

We love working on Amazing Frog? We’re adding more nonsense, more modes, more environments, more characters, more weapons, more missions, more vehicles, more frogs… and we’re gonna! We’ve reached the moon already and we won’t stop there, so come on down to Swindon and join the ride!

“Come on down to Swindon and join the ride”. Chilling words. Here’s the Greenlight trailer, though Fayju also have a big list of YouTubers larking about if you’d prefer that.

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