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AMD graphics cards get a surprising boost from the Linux 3.12 kernel

A complete surprise to the #AMD #Linux #driver team; vastly improved #GPU #performance on the 3.12 #kernel.  In tests on a dozen cards ranging from the elderly HD3850 to the HD6950 all cards showed at least some improvements and in some cases increases of 50%.  Keep your eyes tuned for updates as they work with AMD’s Linux team to see where these performance increases originated from and to give Phoronix time to get their hands on new hardware for more testing.

AMD cards get a boost from the Linux 3.12 kernel

Benchmarks showing the Linux 3.12 kernel bringing big AMD Radeon performance improvements. Those benchmarks of a Radeon HD 4000 series GPU showed the Linux 3.12 kernel bringing major performance improvements over Linux 3.11 and prior. Some games improved with just low double-digit gains while other Linux games were nearly 90% faster! Interestingly, the AMD Radeon Linux developers were even surprised by these findings. After carrying out additional tests throughout the weekend, these are truly incredible performance improvements on other hardware.

This is not completely unexpected news. An upcoming change was a given when AMD hinted at improving software, development tools, and Linux Support just recently. However we are keen to see what other changes come about with AMD and further Linux support. It would be great if nVidia and AMD also considered further tuning options through proprietary software to ensure optimal cooling and graphics performance in gaming.

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