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American McGee’s OZombie seeks funding through Kickstarter

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American McGee’s Shanghai studio Spicy Horse has returned to Kickstarter to gather funds for a new project. Called OZombie, it’s an action adventure affair for PC, Mac, Linux and tablets which includes a multiplayer mode complete with raids and tournaments which you can unlock after finishing the single-player campaign.

Drawing on all of the Frank L Baum Oz books for inspiration, the story takes a steampunk twist, and has players in the role of a descendant of Dorothy’s, confronting the Scarecrow’s army of mindless slaves alongside the Lion and Tin Man.

With just under a month to go, Spicy Horse has raised just over $130,000 of its $950,000 goal. Interestingly, the Spicy Horse has confirmed that this amount is not enough to fully develop the ambitious title, and that Spicy Horse is pursuing other forms of funding – including traditional publishers. A successful Kickstarter is a great way to gain interest from venture capitalists and publishers, of course.

For Alice fans disappointed to see that McGee didn’t pursue the Otherlands concept Spicy Horse was kicking around, please note that some of the money raised through OZombie’s Kickstarter will be used to secure the Alice film rights, allowing Spicy Horse to produce a series of animated shorts or even a feature film based on McGee’s famous reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll’s character.

Check out OZombie on Kickstarter

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