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American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 get big updates for customization


#SCSSoftware has #released massive updates for American Truck Simulators and Euro Truck Simulator 2, allowing to change the look of a long-distance haulier.

Changes like the Ultimate Wheel Customization, in addition to tires and disks, hubs, hub covers and nuts can now be tweaked to your taste.

Updates 1.2 for American Truck Simulator and 1.23 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are live. We would like to thank everybody who participated in the extended open beta. We have received a huge amount of valuable feedback that made us re-engineer some elements of Steam Workshop support to make it more robust.

Let us recap the key features coming for both games with the this update wave:

  • Steam Workshop – a hub which allows simple distribution of game modifications created by the community. Thanks to Steam Workshop, you can download and install mods effortlessly from a safe and trusted place.
  • Ultimate Wheel Customization – We have split truck wheels models into multiple components: Tire and Disk separation was introduced recently, in addition to it we have added customization of sub-components of the disk: Hubs, Hub Covers and Nuts.
  • SCS Workshop Uploader app – Modding our games through Steam Workshop will require use of a dedicated tool for mod makers; a new dedicated Steam application – SCS Workshop Uploader. You can grab it from your Steam library under Tools category.

Making more modifications is easier, Steam Workshop support has certianly arrived. And if you are looking to get into modding, SCS has released the Steam Workshop Uploader via Steam itself to make it easy to share your creations into the new service. Plus there is a dedicated wiki for guidance.


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