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Amnesia: Rebirth Patch 1.1 out now with fixes

amnesia: rebirth patch 1.1 out now with fixes for the game on linux and windows pc

Amnesia: Rebirth Patch 1.1 out now with fixes for the game on Linux and Windows PC. Thans to developer Frictional Games. Which is now live on Steam and due to arrive on GOG.

Amnesia: Rebirth Patch 1.1 is available now. Releasing some significant changes for the game on Linux. Including bug fixes and the graphics glitch.

This patch is mostly about bug fixes, both some Linux focus, some blockers and other minor issues. The most notable change for most players will be the ability to skip memories. By holding the interact button (left mouse button or right trigger if on a gamepad).

In summary:

  • You can now skip memories by holding down the left mouse button, or right trigger on a gamepad.
  • Linux graphics glitch fixed.
  • Various blockers fixed.
  • Various bug fixes.

For linux users we still have some known issues with fullscreen and exiting Amnesia: Rebirth that won’t be fixed in this patch.

For our next update the main focus is:

  • Mod support. We are almost there, but want to test it properly before launching it.
  • More linux fixes.
  • General bug fixing.

If you encounter bugs or problems, please reach out to us on our support platform.

Having just aquired Amnesia: Rebirth myself. These fixes come just in time to actually play the game. While other outstanding issues like fullscreen issues and exiting the game still need a fix. There are still more fixes coming for Linux. While offering a Beta Branch option, should you still have issues

Amnesia: Rebirth – Launch Trailer

In Amnesia: Rebirth, players will step into the world of Tasi Trianon. As she wakes up days after a plane crash deep in the desert of Algeria. As a result, the crew of her expedition are missing. Her friends and loved ones are gone. Why is she alone? Why has she no memory of the last few days? Tasi must retrace her journey, through the desert and beyond. While trying to piece together her fragmented past.


  • Explore environments and uncover their histories. In this first-person story horror experience, no location is like the others, and each is filled with mysteries and secrets for players to explore.
  • Overcome challenges that stand in your way. You will encounter a wide and varied number of mysterious contraptions and physics-based puzzles. 
  • Carefully manage your limited resources in Amnesia: Rebirth. Both physical and mental in order to stay in the light and keep your fear under control
  • Encounter horrific creatures and use your wits to escape them
  • Incredible cinematic sound design that will make you feel inside the game’s world
  • Don’t let your fear consume you. So stay out of the dark and avoid horrific sights. Whie you control your panic or suffer long lasting consequences.

With the Amnesia: Rebirth Patch 1.1 out now with fixes. This marks a better experience for the game on Linux and Windows PC. Available on both Steam and GOG. Also priced at $29.99 ‎USD.

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