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Ampersat RPG type game releases this Friday

ampersat rpg type game releases this Friday on linux mac and windows pc

Ampersat RPG type game releases this Friday on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the creative genius of developer Gaterooze, Ink. Due to make its way onto Steam tomorrow.

Ampersat is a shooty, slashy, RPG type game. One that mixes in old-school/retro and modern sensibilities. The gameplay is also a blend of influences from Gauntlet and Smash TV to Zelda and a dash of Angband. This is a hand crafted adventure with much appeal to fans of Roguelites. A labor of love from a solo developer. As a result, Ampersat distills some favored childhood gaming experiences. Offering players a fresh, fun hybrid that sees you killing a lot of monsters and finding a lot of loot. Now to mention freeing captured letters (um, what?). While you grow from a world weary warrior mage into a powerful smashing blasting machine.

Ampersat – Retro Indie Game Trailer

Gentlheim has been invaded by Lord Z, who has surrounded the village with 5 extraplanar towers and the dungeons beneath. Due to being full of evil creatures. Even worse, he has stolen language itself from the townspeople. So, as the warrior mage Ampersat, you must venture deep into the dungeons and high above the land in the treacherous towers. Defeat countless minions and restore language to Gentlheim so the townsfolk. You know, so they can communicate properly and help you defeat Lord Z himself.

Gentlheim has shops to buy and sell goods; an Inn to heal up, level up, and stash gold to retrieve after death. There is also a deep Well leading to randomly generated procedural Ampersat levels. There are various structures you can pay to upgrade. So as language returns to the village, there are townsfolk who may need something.

There is a free Demo on Steam with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. It’s worth playing, retro, and you’ll also be surprised how addictive.


  • 50 handcrafted levels, many with exploration and light puzzles
  • Optional endless procedural area
  • Original Ampersat gameplay elements were based around freeing and capturing letters
  • Flexible character progression with extensive skill tree
  • Hundreds of unique pieces of loot to find, buy, sell and augment
  • Upgradeable town hub
  • Tackle stages in the order you choose
  • 50 unique creature types, 10 bosses
  • Drop-in local co-op

Ampersat shooty, slashy, RPG type game releases on Steam tomorrow. Priced at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / €8.19. And of course, it’s also coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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